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The Standard Database Performance Management Solution in Korea

As a professional solution for database performance management, MaxGauge is specialized in efficiently managing the availability
and performance of database systems. By providing Pro-Active monitoring techniques, it quickly recognizes problem situations
and effectively analyzes application bottlenecks to provide clear and accurate analysis data.

  • No.1 Solution in Database
    Performance Management

  • No.1 Market Share
    in Financial Sector

  • Delivered to
    800 Large Customers

  • Global Contracts with
    Clients Over 29 Countries


MaxGauge provides a very detailed analysis of bottlenecks detected through real-time monitoring.
What’s more, it is designed to collect and monitor all performance data with minimal load.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Real-time monitoring of various performance indicators
  • Direct Memory Access
    Provide monitoring and analysis even when the database is experiencing downtime or hanging situations
  • Data Collection in 0.01 Second
    Precise analysis by collecting data as in real time and saving it in 1 second unit
  • Smart Analysis
    Automatic detection and reporting/mailing function provided when performance deterioration occurs
  • Alarm/SMS Connection
    Provide alert setting for all performance indicators, and SMS/Mail connection
  • User Management
    Setting for accessible IP range,
    DB list, user permission
  • DB Performance Report
    Provide user-friendly daily/
    periodic indicator reports
  • Commercial/Open-source
    DBMS Support
    Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Tibero,
    Altibase, MySQL, PostgreSQL,
    MongoDB, SAP HANA

Monitoring Views

Monitoring View

Session Monitoring

Real-time session information is provided as a list, and detailed information can be checked simply by a mouse click. Database wait status and session intensive monitoring are also helpful to DBAs

· Grouping Active Session/Lock Waiting Session by time unit
· Provide performance information on Parallel Query
    in a tree structure of Coordinator and Slave sessions

Resource Monitoring

RAC Monitoring

RAC View is a monitoring screen dedicated to RAC, and you can easily grasp information on Global Lock, Load Balance, and Network usage.

· Global Lock: Real-time check when lock occurs on RAC and
   provide lock tree linkage.
· RAC View: Check Active Sessions information simultaneously on
   one screen
· Load Balance: Balance check by indicators between RAC nodes
   and they can be easily changed.
· Provide monitoring of OS, memory information and network packet
   amount between RAC interconnects.

Session Monitoring

Resource Monitoring

CPU and Memory information of all database servers being monitored are provided in three forms: Multi/Group/Single.

· Provide trend for total waiting time by instance and waiting time by
· Easy check for top process list of the server through Process
· Provide Oracle SID information of processes used by Oracle and
   can be linked with Session Detail

Lock Monitoring

Lock Monitoring

Provide the number of sessions grouped by lock waiting time range and the relationship between lock holder and waiter in a tree structure.

· Provide Global Lock information in the case of RAC/TAC
· Lock related alarm is provided by setting lock occurrence time

SQL Monitoring

SQL Monitoring

SQL Elapsed Time displays the SQL execution time per instance as a dot and each dot represents the completion of SQL execution. In addition, by linking with Full SQL Text, the Top-10 SQL list by performance (Elapsed Time, Buffer Gets, Disk Reads) of the instance being monitored and the corresponding SQL information are provided.

· Provide individual SQL execution history, SQL Full Text, SQL Plan,
   Bind information, etc.
· Drag SQL Elapsed Time chart -> Select/Click SQL List -> Check
   SQL Detail information

Analysis Views

Summary View

Summary View

Provide hourly average trend graphs on a daily basis for key performance indicators and waiting classes, so that peak times can be easily identified.

· Check Top Schema, Program, Module, and SQL for different time
   periods on a day
· Check Executed Top-N data and SQL execution per waiting event
   for different time periods.

Performance Trend

Performance Trend

As one of MaxGauge’s representative analysis screens, performance trend allows users to precisely analyze diverse troubles while enabling trend analysis of DB performance indicators, waiting events, and waiting classes.

· Active session analysis with one-second logging interval
· Active session statistical analysis with one-minute/hour logging
· Top O/S Process analysis with one-minute logging interval
· Lock Tree Analysis
· PQ Tree analysis
· Peak section statistical analysis

Top-SQL Comparison

Top-SQL Comparison

MaxGauge provides a Ranking View according to changes in SQL workload by selecting the date to be compared with the standard date. If you select a specific SQL, you can check the daily ranking change and SQL performance information (Elapsed Time, CPU Time, Wait Time, Logical Reads, Physical Reads) at the same time.

· Comparison and analysis of Top SQL targets compared to the base
   date by 1:M, N:M
· Provided long-term trend analysis in connection with the
   Long-Term Trend function

Plan Change History

Plan Change History

The number of performance degradation and improved SQL cases due to SQL execution plan change can be checked with ease through SQL Plan Change History and Analysis.

· Comparison of SQL Plan change history and execution time by
   date: Red represents the number of slow response times/Green
   represents the number of fast response times
· SQL Plan Diff function: Compare two SQL execution plans and
   provide information before/after SQL plan change for a specific

DataPath View

DataPath View

Provide weight analysis for multiple instances or multiple dates and bi-directional linkage analysis between instances, schemas, programs, modules, and SQL.

· Flow Visualization technique is provided as data visualization
· Instance/Schema/Program/SQL can be compared visually and
· Possible to analyze the relationship between different data


Customer Cases

  • Electrical

    Transmission and Substation System

    Adoption Background

    Necessity for checking and improving DB status due to system aging and continuous service increase, that’s why we need to check and improve DB status.


    • Improving response speed through pre-detection of troubles in critical core systems, reducing system downtime and
      failover time

    • Reducing CPU utilization by more than 30% through extracting Top SQL for a specific period

    • Reducing more than 90% of waiting event occurrence time in specific time zone

    • Helped clients save about KRW 1.41 billion 5 years after adopting the solution

  • Public

    Transportation Management System

    Adoption Background

    Performance analysis and improvement are urgently needed due to continuous service delays and increasing complaints from customers.


    • Check periodic lock occurrence status through real-time monitoring and take immediate action and analysis

    • Resolve lock occurrence by changing batch operation logic and execution time

    • In terms of performance management, MaxGauge provides more information than what we were looking for without
      putting a load on the system.

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