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EXEM, a global IT company representing Korea, has been experiencing growth through a diverse array of technologies,
including Database, Application, Cloud, AI and Big Data, which cover performance management of the entire IT system.

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Establishment January 2021 (KOSDAQ Listing: June 26, 2015) Business Fields Database/Application/Cloud/AI/Big Data/
SaaS Solution Development and Delivery,
IT Infrastructure Management and Consulting
Capital Stock KRW 7.2 billion
Revenue KRW 53.9 billion (as of 2023 consolidated) Affiliated Company I’mCloud (Big Data, AI)
Workforce 328 (as of March 2024) Global EXEM USA, China, Japan


EXEM 5.0



Introducing our All-in-One Full-Stack Monitoring Solution, advancing AI and Cloud-First Strategy.

· Commercialization of All-in-One Integrated Monitoring Technology
· exemONE(Full-Stack Monitoring Solution) released
· Developed QURI (generative AI-based conversational chatbot), and integrated into XAIOps
· AI and Cloud-First Strategy Advancement
· New CEO Inauguration(Mr. Koh Pyoungseok)
· Recipient of the 41st Seoul Architecture Award, Korean Institute of Architects Award
· Certified as 'Hi Seoul' company by Seoul metropolitan government
· Integrated IT Monitoring SaaS Platform Released

EXEM 4.0



Emerging as a company
in the 4th industrial revolution
through technology convergence
(AI, cloud)

· Laying the foundation for cloud and SaaS transition (Achieved annual sales of KRW 55.1 billion)
· Relocated to EXEM headquarters in Magok, Seoul
· Selected as a youth-friendly company by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
· Selected as a leisure-friendly company by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
· MaxGauge for CloudDB (PostgreSQL, My SQL, Oracle, MariaDB) released
· EBIGs released
· AI, cloud business expansion (Achieved annual sales of KRW 47.3 billion)
· CloudMOA SaaS version released
· MaxGauge for HANA released
· EXEM Southern Office (Naju Innovation City) opened
· AI and cloud technology enhancement (Achieved annual sales of KRW 39.2 billion)
· InterMax for Mobile released
· Signed an MOU with Logpresso Co., Ltd. for AIOps collaboration and development
· Commercialization of AI and cloud technology
· XAIOps released
· CloudMOA released
· Strengthening big data and APM business
· KNIME (big data analysis solution) partnership agreement
· Match-up AI/Big Data program provider selected by the ministry of education

EXEM 3.0



Establishment of the 4th industrial
revolution core engine (Big Data)

· Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) contracted to build the largest big data integration platform in Korea
· Received orders from Citibank, Kakao Bank, and K Bank
· Achieved annual sales of KRW 33.7 billion
· Flamingo (big data performance management solution) released
· Entering the big data consulting market
· Merged with Cloudine Co., Ltd
· Achieved annual sales of KRW 27.5 billion
· Listed on Korea Exchange Market KOSDAQ
· Entering the big data solution market
· Acquisition shares of SINSIWAY(50.24%), I'mCloud(25%)
· Achieved annual sales of KRW 20.7 billion

EXEM 2.0



Recognition as a company dealing with
the entire IT system performance management

· Established EXEM USA
· Received the Presidential Commendation for Venture Revitalization
· Selected as one of the best companies to work for in Korea
· Received Korea IT Innovation Award
· Selected as one of the 100 best companies to work for in Korea
· Commendation from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises
· Achieved annual sales of KRW 10.5 billion

EXEM 1.0



Pioneer of Database Performance and Management Area

· InterMax (end-to-end performance management solution from the application point of view) released
· Acquisition of new technology (NET) certification
· Established EXEM JAPAN
· Established EXEM CHINA
· Acquisition of 3 IT certifications by Ministry of Science and Technology KT / Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy NT / Ministry of Information and Communication
· Jang Young-sil (장영실) Award
· Established EXEM Co., Ltd.
· DB Max (previous product of MaxGauge) released


I consider EXEM to be the base camp of life, where happiness and success begin.
Our employees' growth propels our progress, intricately intertwined with the success of our valued customers. EXEM, proudly recognized as a Data Artist Group, is committed to transforming our shared vision of growth into a vibrant reality.
EXEM CEO Koh, Pyoungseok
At EXEM, we do not draw up plans, we strive to do our best, allowing the next path to naturally reveal itself. We do not expect perfect results from the outset. Instead, we create models and move forward step by step, constantly evaluating our progress to ensure we are on the right track.

This approach allows us to discover many hidden opportunities along the way. Passion is at the heart of everything we do at EXEM, driving us to achieve greatness. We believe that EXEM is a place where people can find happiness and success, making it the ultimate base camp for life.