EXEM Consulting


Big Data Performance Diagnosis Consulting Service

Big data is considered the core of the 4th industrial revolution, and developing new services through analyzing big data has become a standard and a necessity for businesses today. We offer differentiated analysis models and technologies to our customers, drawing from our experience in building big data. We provide industry-leading solutions, consulting, and support to help businesses gain valuable insights.

  • Analysts specializing in big data
  • Experience in building big data platforms
  • Big Data technology consultants
  • · Possession of industry-leading big data solutions & Large amount of data processing and
       analysis experience
  • · Specialized big data methodology through years of business execution
  • · Apache Hadoop Ecosystem technology consulting for big data open-source committers

Benefits of Consulting

Start your big data analysis consulting with EXEM! We provide customer-tailored data analysis model as well as optimization. In addition, technical risks caused by the introduction of Apache Hadoop Ecosystem are resolved through open-source committers and our professional consultants, which aims to help customers secure data-driven businesses in today’s world.

  • Present the data analysis model requested by the customer

  • Solve technical risks through Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Secure data-driven business

Consulting Services

  1. Big Data Analysis Consulting

    • We provide customized data analysis models and optimization based on the unique needs of our customers.
      Our team of professional consultants offers advice and conducts data analysis, including data preprocessing and analysis modeling.
      Additionally, we offer professional training programs to help you confidently continue your future analysis.
  2. Big Data Technology Consulting

    • EXEM's big data technology consulting offers expert support and advice on designing systems with Apache Hadoop and other big data technologies. We develop support systems for data analysis to secure and maintain sustainable big data platforms after extensive communication with our clients. Our professionals provide top-notch guidance for big data technology projects.
      • Big Data Distributed Processing
        Application Development and Consulting
        • · Design and develop analysis programs using Spark, MapReduce, Hive, etc.
        • · Hadoop Cluster construction
        • · Expert training on Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, HBase, Flume, etc.
      • Big Data Technical Support
        • · Regular Hadoop Cluster maintenance
        • · Response to failures occurrence
      • Big Data Optimization Consulting
        • · Performance optimization consulting for Hadoop MapReduce, Hive, Spark, etc.
        • · Hadoop cluster optimization consulting
        • · Performance optimization for NoSQL, etc.
        • · Performance optimization for real-time big data such as Kafka
With EBIGs, managing and operating your Apache Hadoop Ecosystem can be just EASY AS ABC,
which also allows quick and easy performance tuning and monitoring.