EXEM Consulting


Integrated WAS-DB Connection Performance Diagnosis Consulting Service

We deliver a premium integrated performance diagnosis service, leveraging the expertise of our APM/DPM professional consultants and utilizing a
wealth of IP (Intellectual Property) performance data from our products. Our service suggests optimal improvement plans for applications,
ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency.

  • WAS
    Performance Diagnosis

    · Only SQL response time can be checked

    · Unable to check delay due to DB Wait Event

  • DB
    SQL Performance Diagnosis

    · Unable to analyze delay phenomenon according to bind value for each task

    · Unable to intuitively identify which task caused the lock

    · Unable to check inefficient multi-session or SQL execution per task

  • Integrated WAS-DB Analysis
    Integrated WAS-DB Connection Performance Diagnosis

    Premium WAS-DB Performance Diagnosis

    · WAS Task (transaction-based) DB Performance Analysis

    · Identify Bottleneck Causes in WAS and DB

    · Analysis of User Performance Patterns and Work Characteristics

    · Custom Improvement Recommendations

Benefits of

With the rising adoption of cloud technologies and the growing complexity of system changes, traditional unit analysis methods
for on-premise environments have limitations in providing clear cause analysis of performance degradation and implementing fundamental improvement activities.
Our purpose is to enhance product and service quality by comprehending performance data from a business (transaction)
perspective. We provide customers with clear cause analysis, tailored optimal solutions, and effective linkage analysis to
address the unique nature of their business.

  • Precise analysis via
    WAS-DB connection

  • Customized plans for user
    performance and work

  • Improved response time
    through business-oriented SQL


By conducting in-depth analysis of performance degradation causes and implementing targeted improvement activities through task (transaction) linked diagnosis, you can witness the direct impact of resolving underlying issues and enhance your work efficiency intuitively.

    • WAS Operation Diagnosis
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • · OS CPU/Memory usage trend pattern
      • · JVM heap memory usage pattern
      • · JDBC Connection Pool Usage trend pattern
      • · GC execution pattern
      • · Load Balancing pattern
    • Task (transaction) Connection Diagnosis
      • Statistical Information Analysis
      • · SQL execution information by task (transaction)
      • · Fetch performance information by task (transaction)
      • · Memory usage information by task (transaction)
      • · Exception occurrence information by task (transaction)
      • Specific Performance Patterns Analysis
      • · Tasks that use excessive DB SQL I/O
      • · Fetch performance information between WAS and DB according to fetch option
      • · DB execution information according to SQL Bind Value
        usage pattern
      • · Literal SQL statistics information by task
      • · SQL Exception statistics information
      • Failure Analysis
      • · Specific failure-causing transactions/SQL analysis
    • DB Operation Diagnosis
      • Key Performance Indicators
      • · OS CPU Usage trend pattern
      • · Active Session Count trend pattern
      • · Physical & Logical Read I/O trend pattern
      • · Wait Event trend pattern
      • · SQL Parsing trend pattern
      • · Logons Cumulative trend pattern

Consulting Process

    • Initiation
      Identify Analytical Scope
      Define Analytical Goals
      • · Identify Analytical Scope
      • - System environment
      • - System configuration
      • - APP service characteristics
      • · Define Analytical Goals
      • - Interview with WAS/DB developers/system operators
      • - Collection of current issues
      • - Identify customer needs
      • · Gather Performance Data
      • Project Schedule Definition
    • Diagnosis
      System Diagnosis
      Task Diagnosis
      Consulting Targets Selection
      • · WAS Operation Diagnosis
      • · DB Operation Diagnosis
      • · Integrated Task (transaction) Diagnosis
      • · Select Consulting Targets
      • - Derive the transactions to be improved
      • - Select SQL for tuning
      • WAS & DB Diagnosis Report
        Derivation of Improvement Target
    • Improvement
      Analysis Summary
      Detailed Analysis & Improvement Plan
      Improvement Check
      • · Analysis from WAS & DB
      • · Optimal Improvement Plan
      • · WAS, DB Operation/Issue
      • · Implementation and
      • Tailored Application +
        SQL Tuning Advice
    • Assessment/Closure
      • · Acquisition of technical
      • · Final report
      • Project Final Report
With MaxGauge and InterMax, integrated consulting connecting WAS and DB is as easy as ABC,
ensuring quantitative measurement of improvement effects.