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InterMax for Mobile

App terminal-to-service level
Mobile Application Performance Monitoring Solution

InterMax for Mobile provides various monitoring through SDK linkage so that you can easily understand the quality of mobile apps
and then solve problems. Customer service satisfaction can be effectively improved through real-time data collection as well as
immediate response and post-analysis when issues arise.

Maxgauge for cloudDB
  • Provide Optimal UI/UX by Identifying the Business Flow for App Use

  • Prompt Response to Issues using Mobile Performance Data

  • Securing Mobile Channel Service Stability by Improved Service Performance

  • End-to-end Analysis in
    Conjunction with InterMax


InterMax for Mobile enables real-time monitoring through various mobile performance management functions, as well as immediate response and root cause analysis when issues occur.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Provide key indicators and alarms
    according to threshold setting
  • Integrated Mobile App Management
    Integrated monitoring of multiple
    mobile apps on a single screen
  • Convenience of
    Development and Application
    SDK is provided to apply with
    simple API calls
  • Multilateral Customer
    Behavior Analysis
    Easy to create statistics/analysis screen by adding monitoring target items
  • User Transaction Analysis
    Analysis of completed results with
    success/failure notification for major tasks
  • Network Traffic Analysis
    Measuring the processing speed of
    HTTP/HTTPS calling pages
  • Error Analysis
    Log collection and analysis
    for crashes and errors
  • Hybrid App Monitoring
    Native/Script SDK communication for monitoring modules of the two layers

Monitoring Views

Single App

Single App

With InterMax for Mobile, it’s easy to check the overall health of your app(Android/iOS) through key metrics. What’s more, users can generate alarms according to threshold settings, check increase/decrease compared to the previous day for cumulative indicators, and confirm link analysis of errors and trace data.

Multi Apps

Multi Apps

InterMax for Mobile provides simultaneous real-time monitoring of multiple apps on one screen. By a simple mouse click, you can easily link to a designated screen that provides detailed monitoring information for specific apps.

Analysis Views

Multi Apps

User Transaction

Application developers can intentionally assign step-by-step processes to monitor specific situations, and user transactions refer to this series of workflows.

InterMax for Mobile provides an overall analysis of the transaction processing flow, from the start of a developer-defined transaction to the completed outcome (successful/failed).

Crash Analysis

Crash Analysis

InterMax for Mobile provides an analysis of the crash occurrence rate based on crash trends, originating device, OS, and app version. Through symbolication of iOS crashes, users can check the error content based on the actual source function. What’s more, InterMax for Mobile analyzes the cause of the application error through the exception stack.

Network Traffic

Network Traffic

InterMax for Mobile provides trends and statistics on the number of calls to data outside the application over the network, which enables detailed analysis of HTTP/HTTPS calling pages handled by the app.

Action History

Action History

By searching with the mobile terminal UUID or username, it is possible to analyze the user's behavior and reproduce failures on the mobile terminal. This includes tracking when the user ran the app and which menus they navigated to.

App Device Analysis

App Device Analysis

InterMax for Mobile provides usage rate analysis for the app version of the device. You can check the distribution of the latest app version and the usage rate by app terminal device.


Customer Cases

  • Bank

    Mobile Trading System

    Adoption Background

    To improve service quality through performance monitoring of mobile apps and increase usability through analysis of various customer service types.


    • Immediate identification of problem sections of individual transactions within the mobile app and identification of
      detailed causes in the event of exceptions and crashes.

    • Analyze the root cause of the failure and classify it into either network issue or app terminal error.

    • Immediate situation awareness and real-time performance monitoring through integrated dashboard.

    • Quickly identify the cause of a failure that occurs in a specific situation by reproducing the phenomenon of failure
      through the analysis of the user's behavior.

    • Analysis results can be used as marketing data through various customer service types and behavioral information.

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