EXEM Consulting


Cloud Performance Diagnosis Consulting Service

EXEM specializes in providing database consulting services for all IT system environments, whether it be on-premise or cloud-based. Our team of database and cloud experts offers advanced consulting services to help you maintain the top condition of your database system in terms of availability and scalability.

  • Experience
  • Experts +
  • CSP
    Cloud Solution Provider
  • 범위
  • · Performance diagnosis and improvement service through MaxGauge, the No. 1 solution in
       DB performance management in Korea
  • · Consulting service considering both on-premise and cloud systems
  • · Securing professional technicians in all areas of database and cloud

Benefits of Consulting

EXEM's cloud consulting service aims to support customers' business using specialized technologies such as cloud computing
and big data analysis. We provide various ways to manage workloads, resources, and capacities in a cloud environment,
enabling businesses to achieve optimal efficiency and scalability. With our expertise, customers can confidently navigate
the complexities of cloud technologies and leverage their full potential.

  • Save time and effort by providing cloud and database and balanced consulting

  • Establish a stable system environment with our advanced consultants who have extensive practical experience

  • Provide turnkey services from solving performance problems to building future monitoring solutions

Consulting Services

  • Types of Service

    • DB Performance Improvement
  • Cloud-based DB Performance Consulting

    • · Use MaxGauge to identify performance issues
      targeting commercial/open-source databases
    • · Offer various solutions
    •   - SQL-level troubleshooting
    •   - Application modification request due to Slow Query
    •   - Index and object optimization and parameter tuning

Consulting Process

    • Initiation
      System Diagram
      ERD blueprint
      • · Understand current business
           and IT infrastructure

      • · Collection of current issues
      • · Basic Training
      • · Detailed project plan
      • Project Schedule Definition
    • Analysis
      Tuning Request Program/SQL List
      Detailed program design
      • · Interview with person in charge
           /developer/system operator

      • · Verification of current model
           and physical design

      • · Tuning target (program/SQL

      • · DB Operational Health Diagnosis

      • DB Diagnostic Report
    • Execution
      Tuning target program trace Index configuration information
      • · Program/SQL performance

      • · Resolve DB operational issues
      • · Apply and measure application

      • Program/SQL Tuning Advice
        List of DB Issues and Operation Plan
    • Assessment/Closure
      Data Verification
      • · Acquisition of technical

      • · Final report
      • Project Final Report
      • Educational Materials
With MaxGauge, diagnosing the cause of database performance degradation and performing tuning is AS EASY AS ABC,
ensuring quantitative measurement of improvement effects.