EXEM Value

Personal growth and development is highly supported at EXEM

Individual Core Value

We are a team that knows exactly what we are doing, and we are committed to achieving PSF. The P in PSF stands for people with great passion who can grow into top-notch experts. The S represents speed, meaning that we can think on our feet and act quickly. Finally, the F is short for flow because we work as one team and support each other to achieve our goals.

PassionDedication towards daily work

Transparent Work Culture

"Is there a better solution?" and "What can I do to improve this?" We immerse ourselves in the work and cultivate a passion for it, as we believe that this is the key to achieving success.

SpeedFast learner and applier

Prototype Working Style Based on Agile Mind

There is no doubt that the workplace of today needs to constantly adapt to ongoing changes in order to remain efficient and competitive.

FlowGoal-oriented working style

Stay Focused and Immerse in The Work

At work, we set self-imposed goals and deadlines to help us stay focused and perform at our best. By doing so, we can maximize our learning potential and ultimately achieve a sense of accomplishment.

EXEM Value

We define EXEM's purpose (from the customers' value perspective), the values we hold dear (from the corporate value perspective), and the character traits we seek in employees (from employees' value perspective) as our corporate core values.

Employee Value


Principle of Work

We conduct our business with awareness
of customer values and company-wide priorities.

Principle of Relationship

We grow in the company, form relationships that can create synergies, and root for each other.

Principle of Communication

We value transparent and sincere communication.

Corporate Value


First eXperiment

We keep developing by challenging
ourselves and constant learning.

Smart eXperience

Developing products and services that
make customers feel ‘WOW’ is the core
of our work.

Great eXtension

We accumulate knowledge and experience within the organization and share the
results with people around the world.

Customer Value



We strive to provide innovative experiences and value
to our product and service users.


We contribute to increasing
our clients' business value.


We aim to be at the forefront of innovation
in the data industry and set the standard.

We are proud to call ourselves Philinnovators!



As philosophers,

We approach life with the mindset that knowledge creation
is a daily pursuit. We believe that our learnings, experiences,
and the results we produce are a true legacy that transcends time and space. This realization drives us to excel in the workplace and
continuously push the boundaries of what is possible.

As innovators,

We understand that knowledge creation accelerates the volume and speed of connections, leading to a permeation of life and consciousness into matter. As creators of knowledge, we consider ourselves revolutionaries and innovators who have the power to awaken the material world.







In the hyper-connected era, philosophers and innovators are at the forefront of creating new knowledge. We are proud to call ourselves Philinnovators, individuals who strive to

leave a legacy that will awaken
the world to new possibilities.