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All-in-One Monitoring Solution
Providing Full-Stack Observability

Cloud computing and MSA, pivotal in driving recent technological advancements, along with
the intricate utilization of diverse technologies, underscore the necessity for integrated monitoring.
Modern IT performance management commences with a comprehensive grasp of the health and
performance of various IT components, encompassing infrastructure, applications, networks, and user experience.

exemONE, our All-in-One integrated monitoring solution, adeptly collects and manages data from various
IT systems, providing observability for analysis, tracking, and streamlined monitoring.

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One Platform Solution

exemONE empowers Full-Stack Monitoring and offers flexible dashboard configuration across all system domains, spanning Infrastructure, Kubernetes,
Applications, Databases, and Logs.

  • Infrastructure

    Gather and analyze
    performance metrics across
    infrastructure environments.

  • Kubernetes

    Kubernetes overview and
    detailed monitoring by nodes.

  • Application

    OpenTelemetry with
    proprietary agent-based data

  • Database

    Detailed monitoring of
    database performance
    through second-level queries.

  • Log

    In-depth analysis of historical
    linkages through various log


exemONE leverages EXEM's existing point monitoring solutions' data collection method through its proprietary agents. Built upon years of technological expertise and stability garnered from customer environments, it integrates and manages diverse IT system data outputs into a unified platform. This enables swift recognition and accurate analysis of problem situations.

  • Supports Diverse IT Environments
    On-Premise + Cloud
  • Unified Platform Design
    Centralized monitoring
    for complex systems
  • Integrated Monitoring
    Comprehensive observability
    for your entire system
  • View Pack
    User-friendly interface
    with packaged views
    by different sectors
  • Data Linkage Analysis
    Precise diagnosis and
    analysis reports
    through data queries
  • High-Speed Data
    Distributed Processing
    Efficient data gathering
    and analysis
  • Query Engine
    Custom metric support
    for tailored analysis
  • Real-time Events and Alarms
    Alert settings for
    all indicators

Identify Various Infrastructure and Services
on One Screen with View Pack.

Monitoring Views



exemONE offers integrated monitoring for a wide array of infrastructure server systems and performance indicators. Easily search hosts or configure monitoring indicators for flexible, customized monitoring.

· Integrated management for on-premises and cloud environments

· Comprehensive monitoring of infrastructure components or individual units

· Detailed monitoring available by hosts/containers



Monitoring is available for diverse private or public Kubernetes environments. Detailed monitoring of K8s Workloads, Clusters, Namespaces, and Pods/Containers ensures system stability and effective resource management and expansion.



Through performance monitoring of environments comprising various applications, it's possible to monitor and analyze the entire application, including real-time Web Application Server (WAS) performance indicators and detailed call trace analysis.

· Performance analysis of key services including latency, TPS, throughput, and errors

· Tracking of performance delays during service delays

· Prompt analysis response facilitated by real-time alarms



Real-time monitoring and post-analysis are achievable through the grouping of diverse databases. The interface is optimized for efficient DB performance management, encompassing DB overview, wait class, resource usage, and indicator monitoring.

· Integrated monitoring of various heterogeneous databases

· Analysis of Stat/Wait events (Active Sessions, Locks, etc.)

· Simultaneous provision of resource monitoring

· Provides Performance Trend



You can configure and gather logs and patterns tailored to each user group. Logs generated from distributed development and operational servers can be monitored in real-time through continuous collection. Additionally, patterns can be searched and analyzed alongside application, server, and database performance data.

· Real-time collection of various log files categorized by type
(Infra, K8s, App, DB, etc.)

· Tag-based log linkage tracking analysis
(App + DB log, K8s + Pod log, etc.)

Integrated Analysis Views

Flexible Dashboard

Flexible Dashboard

An integrated dashboard offers observability across all areas, including infrastructure, applications, databases, and system events. Centralized monitoring of complex systems is achievable through a single platform, and various monitoring areas can be easily configured using the View Pack function.

· Integrated management of diverse environments

· Flexible dashboard with various templates provided

· Streamlined screen configuration via View Pack



Provides a continuous monitoring screen to track the status and performance of each service. Alarm settings and SMS/email notifications can be configured for all performance indicators.

· Provides TPS, Active Transaction, and Elapsed Time information for each service

· Threshold settings for each service and alerts for abnormal conditions are provided



It offers a range of analytical functions, from transaction performance trends to top transactions and SQL performance. Furthermore, tailored monitoring and analysis for each DBMS ensures system stability and optimizing performance.

· Transaction performance trend analysis (Transaction Trend)

· Trend analysis by DB type (Top SQL, Trend/Plan/Session)

· Analysis of detailed indicators (SQL, Event, Segment, Alert)

· Service-Level Call Trace Analysis for application delay



Users can customize report templates and generate tailored reports, which are available for different periods such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly, facilitating comprehensive system analysis and management.

· Dashboard export

· Editable templates

· Scheduled email delivery of reports


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