EXEM | Data Artist Group


We gather our experiences and connect
them to create new innovations.

At EXEM, you can feel these key words:
openness, concentration, passion, and commitment.
As a creative space, it was built with
love for nature and people.

This will be a space where talented individuals in creative fields will drive innovative developments in a collaborative and effective manner.

New Space

New sparks of innovations.

We help you
Connect Every Movement
in the IT Environment.

With our extensive technology, EXEM provides great efficiency to
customers in the IT industry, from performance management of all systems,
including databases and applications, to cloud, SaaS, AI, and big data.

What we have been doing has a significant impact on the community and society.
We are here to help you realize your dream of connecting everything centered around data,
only if you decide to go with us.


Everything You Need
for Your IT Operations

From DBPM, APM, Big Data Operation, Intelligent IT Operation Management, Cloud Computing and SaaS Integrated Management, EXEM is delivering tailored solutions just for your needs.

  • Database


    Take MaxGauge to the cloud and experience the unrivaled No. 1 solution for performance management.
  • Application


    What if one product could trace the flow of an entire transaction?
  • AIOps


    Is it really possible to predict failure conditions? Introducing Korea's first
    AI-based IT operation intelligence solution.
  • Cloud


    Tailored solutions that are essential in various cloud environments.
  • Big Data

    Big Data

    Empower Your Big Data Journey : Construction, Analysis, Operation, and Management Made Easy with Our Solution.


An entire WOW
experience with EXEM

We’ve been facing new challenges and creating new innovations, aiming to deliver WOW experience to our customers. In this data-driven world, EXEM accompanies your every move.


Here, we gather our experiences and connect them to create new innovations.


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