Big Data Management Solution
Big Data Operation, Management and Analysis Integrated Platform


Customers who build big data platforms based on Hadoop EcoSystem face significant
challenges in addressing the various issues that arise when running a variety of open source software.

  • Hadoop Ecosystem
    Performance Management
  • Designed for Various Customers
    Operating the Hadoop Platform
  • Provide Management/Analysis
    for OpenSource Software Experts

Flamingo is a professional solution for performance management of Big Data Platforms, effectively managing the availability and performance of a Hadoop EcoSystem.
Pro-active monitoring techniques quickly identify problem situations and effectively analyze various aspects of analytic applications to provide clear data.


Flamingo monitors real-time Hadoop key components and services, providing very detailed analysis capabilities.
All performance data are collected and monitored in real time with minimal load.

  • Real-time Monitoring
    Provide monitoring pattern optimized for Hadoop performance management
  • Workflow Functionality
    Provide data processing simply by drag & drop method
  • Bulk File/Directory Browsing
    Provide management for numerous directories and files simultaneously
  • Zeppelin Notebook
    Provide step-by-step query management, download and visualization of searched data
  • Ecosystem Management
    Provide service status check and stable operation support
  • Anlysis Application Monitoring
    Troubleshooting by quickly checking the execution log in case of failure
  • Alert Functionality
    Provide alert function when abnormal
    operation of major components occurs
  • Resource Usage Monitoring by Server
    Resource monitoring through
    sharing one cluster



Web Browser

  • Browser : IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (recommended) / 1440 x 900 (minimum)


  • OS : Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu)
  • Hadoop : Apache Hadoop 2.x or higher (For distribution, Hortonworks, Cloudera supported)
  • DB : PostgreSQL 9.4 or higher
  • CPU : 4Core (recommended)
  • RAM : 8GB or higher (Changeable according to Hadoop Node)
  • DISK : Changeable according to Hadoop Node
  • JAVA : 1.8 Version or higher
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Cost savings through big data integration analysis and performance management
"System administrators and analysts are struggling to manage system performance because they have to manage dozens or even hundreds of nodes in a variety of big data analytics environments such as Spark, Hive, MapReduce, Kafka, HBase, and HDFS. Flamingo provides us with an integrated solution that allows for greater transparency in management of large data analysis environments with Scale Out and HA characteristics that are hard to recognize when the server is down.
  • Integrated Analysis Environment
    Flamingo provides an integrated environment for analyzing R, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, and YARN in a single environment.
    Workflow designers enable data analysts and system operators to organize and automate multiple analytics into a single workflow on a single screen. It also provides an environment for each analysis tool to help you analyze and develop quickly.

    Workflow Designer

  • Real-time monitoring and performance management
    Flamingo is a Hadoop performance management solution that enables you to accurately capture the status of your analysis platform by collecting all metrics in real time. It also enables you to maximize the availability of your analytics platform resources by real-time monitoring of the execution of specific analytics tasks and the usage of resources.

    Real-time monitoring view

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