Big Data Analysis Solution

As a workflow-based analysis software, KNIME allows users to go through a series of analysis processes such as Import/Pre-processing
/Transformation/Analysis/Evaluation/Visualization from various data sources. In other words, it is a total analysis solution!

  • Intuitive Data Analysis
    based on Workflows

  • Support for Various

  • Structured/Unstructured Data Analysis

  • Selected as a Leader in Gartner's 'Magic Quadrant' for Data Science/Machine Learning Platforms


KNIME is intuitively designed so that anyone, including developers, data engineers, and data scientists, can easily understand data, design data analysis workflows. Automating analysis elements is another huge plus for convenient use.

  • Provide Open Source
    and Commercial Server Source
    Free of charge for desktop, diverse
    pricing plans for server use
  • Intuitive Analysis
    Workflow-based management of the analysis process at a glance
  • Multi-faceted Accessibility
    DB/Hadoop table, Hive file, formatted file
  • Support Various Languages
    R, Python, Java
  • Data Utilization
    Analysis of structured/unstructured data
  • Easy Use
    Drag & Drop method
  • Various Data
    About 4,600 nodes
  • Automated Analysis
    Schedule registration for workflow


End-to-End Analysis

End-to-End Analysis

KNIME enables users to access various data sources such as DB tables, Hadoop files, CSV, and Excel, and analyze both structured and unstructured data. With over 4,600 nodes available on the desktop, it provides a comprehensive environment where users can perform data import, analysis, modeling, and visualization.

Workflow Designer

Workflow Designer

KNIME is a VPL (Visual Programming Language) based solution, so with a simple drag and drop, users can create workflow without additional coding process. KNIME Server enables team-based collaboration and automated workflow, as well as access to complex data types and adding machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

KNIME is an easy-to-use tool that even non-experts can operate. Users can access analysis results through the KNIME web portal. Moreover, KNIME offers user-friendly features such as team-based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment. Additionally, it can be integrated with analytics application services and real-time IoT systems using REST APIs.


Customer Cases

  • Energy

    Development of 4 Core Analysis Techniques Cases

    Adoption Background

    As the importance of data analysis increases significantly, there is a demand for a solution that anyone, not just data experts, can easily analyze and utilize big data.


    • Development of analysis cases for 4 core analysis techniques (cluster analysis, regression analysis, decision tree,
      artificial neural network) using KNIME.

    • Obtaining real-time power data analysis results for cooling/heating, other loads, base load temperature, and daily/
      weekly load through real-time power consumption and prediction analysis.

    • All information is posted on the portal within the pre-built big data integration platform, and a knowledge sharing
      space is prepared to refer to similar cases and learn analysis methods during analysis.

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